We (Allen Lipson and Aron Wander) are young, sort-of-Conservative Jewish roommates struggling to cope with two soul-crushing environments — the corporate world and the modern synagogue — while keeping our kitchen kosher and our bathroom clean.

We’re products of a laundry list of Jewish and Israel-related institutions — Ramah, Schechter, JTS, AJC, The Shalom Hartman Institute, JStreet, AIPAC, IfNotNow, Prozdor, Hillel, Chabad, Gratz, the JCC, Garin Tzabar, The Conservative Yeshiva, The David Project — and we’re very jaded. This blog continues our conversations from the past few years about some topics we find frustrating and inspiring in the liberal Jewish world.

We welcome any questions, rants, knee-jerk objections, stereotypes, and thoughtful, informed criticism.


This blog is written by Allen Lipson and Aron Wander. We are not affiliated with, and this blog is not sponsored by or endorsed by, any other publication or organization.